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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  June 10, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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it is hot and dry and when did all factors that could lead to a devastating fire how cal fire gets the word out. a violent home invasion robbery and unissued out four people dead police to not believe it was a random attack. a party turns deadly after gunman opens fire. among the dead two former auburn university football players. good evening i'm ann notorangelo. a red flag morning all over the bay area a day of dry and windy weather. anne mackovic shows as many areas are vulnerable and brings
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up memories of one of the worst fire disasters in bay area history. hot and dry we have a breeze that contributes to fire behavior with red flag warnings in effect firefighters go door-to- door in high danger areas to make sure homeowners have clear space around their houses. this is a good break extra concern this fire season after a dry winter this year it has taken off earlier cal fire has responded to 1500 wild fires this year twice as many as last year most homeowners on mountain applies are aware. since like an ideal place for a fire. the brush on north and east bay hills are so dry it could act as an accelerant. we just saw a frightening
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example highly fire can get out of control on friday a car accident sparked this fire in oakland hills during dangerously close to homes and causing closure of two highways. another reminder of the deadly in oakland hills firestorm of 1991 that killed 25 people and destroyed thousands of homes. the biography of the marin county else is similar. houses nestled in wooded areas steep terrain and narrow roads. they have been lucky so far i have yet to see any kind of a fire. the danger exists it is a concern of ours for years for one to present a catastrophe anne mackovic cbs 5 brian hackney has more on the red flag warning and what it means if you think we cannot win you are right. if we get a winter with that
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much rent that means the fuel is drier and will have and california fire and ever-present danger. that is what the red flag warnings were posted today. some temperatures in single digits. but the winds have not materialized. this is not to say the fire danger is not high and it is, we do not have the real dry northeast release and gusty winds did not materialize but the red flag warning posted until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. a cool down in the offing will tell you about that. the red flag warning posted for the north and east bay hills winds up to 30 mi. per hour, and temperatures remained in the 90 degree plus range for tomorrow. all details and a few minutes. despite the fire danger east contra costa county makes do
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with your firefighters this summer. a tax measure that would have said current fire services and real and two stations did not get the votes needed last week. officials estimate the cost of the cuts will add an additional five minutes to response time. services will be reduced in response time reduced, and only time will tell what affected will have the district's board of directors meets tomorrow to decide which stations to close and how many firefighters july off. firefighters in colorado and the mexico deal with hot and dry conditions. one person is missing and a massive fire still growing in paradise park in laramie county. officials are still trying to rent under control. it is up to 14,000 a..
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the red cross has set up a shelter for hundreds of residents. our primary goal is to make sure we get the people out of the way. it is a terrible thing that people waiting, it is a thousand times worse to have someone missing request for more aircraft to fight the fire made to the military. investigators are trying to figure out how the fire got started. in new mexico hundreds of people have fled their homes as a fire keeps spreading through the lincoln national forest. 26,000 a. blacken. no reports of injuries. red flag warnings for most of the state. lincoln national forest is the home of smokey the bear. from south sacramento police made a gruesome find their drive that home last night to find 3 man and a woman get after a shootout. derek shore is at the house.
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what we do know according to police they believe the suspect is among the dead. they do not believe this was a random act. you can see crime scene investigators on the scene on 18th street in the many of you area of south sacramento. we look at video from last night, police say about 10:30 p.m. they heard a call of shots fired, they found three people, four people dead inside, according to family to of those people described as the residence of the home a couple in their 58 hmong couple described to us as a spiritual leader in the hmong community. the two other houseguests a man in his 20s and a man in his 50s were shot. we do not know whom survived and
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taken to the hospital. at some point the vet and the couple's son steps out hope is fire on the suspect and killed him. they have no reason to believe this is gang-related but police said differently. we're not sure what is at this point. we are common it is not a random act. and that gang involvement is part of the investigation. they are elderly people and quieten he is a huge amount of community members and family and friends people said they did i know the victims in can hear to mourn and watch as the bodies were removed. they have done here throughout the night and into today. as we come back here live, it appears the police department is
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telling possibly the suspects in the ago. we have a lot of questions that are not being answered forest not by police. in a tragic situation and older couples shot and killed inside their own home. the sacramento bee says it will continue to investigate claims of poor construction on the new bay bridge. caltrans directors calling for calls at 4 retraction. it raise questions about the ability of the new east bay spent two survive an earthquake. he is caltrans rhee described the report as inaccurate. the publisher of the being released a statement: it burn win game wants to keep the city quiet the city council
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passed an ordinance regulating the use of these. leaf blowers. starting july 1st gardners with commercial greg leave blowers can only use them one day a week. each neighborhood assigned a day. the leaf blowers cannot exceed a certain noise level. homeowners can use their own a leaf blowers on two additional days during the week. angry protest over the bailout in spain, a dire prediction by the country's prime minister despite a $100 billion loan. the weekend shooting least two former auburn university football players dead. i'm dru levenson in auburn that story coming up.
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it started as a pool party but ended in tragedy. man hunt underway in montgomery, alabama. three people killed near auburn university including two former football stars. the shooter is on the run and
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authorities know who he is. yellow police tape surrounds the complex for man opened fire killing three people. two of the dead our former auburn football players. police say the incident began with a fight at a party. a trying time and six young people shot, you can tell the community is shaken authorities are searching for is wanted leonard 22 years old he faces three capital murder charges and may be hiding out an hour away in montgomery. police would not release a mode of, near the auburn university campus but they do not believe football was a factor. the only connection that the auburn football team has is it is a victim of a brutal shooting, sometimes a young man get a bad rap, but they are the victims today.
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on the debt former football players are both 20 years old a current player was wounded. the auburn police chief says his department will do everything to bring this case to a close. dru levenson cbs news auburn alabama authorities say the shootings happened after a fight over a woman. investigators made noise in madrid span to request financial aid. they bang don pots and pans and anything else, members of a movement voice their anger over a proposed bailout for banks 17 european countries offering $125 billion in loans. the banks have been struggling for years. we mentioned fired in the
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midwest and south it is water, in addition to rent a tornado touched down in alabama. heavy flooding truck strivers and florida. warm weather in the bay area in and near record highs and and a red flag warning a cool down is coming. we head out to be ocean beach. the forecast coming up. what it for you after the break.
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torrential ran damaged homes and roads near mobile alabama. air tran in a touchdown. no reports of injuries.
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national weather service downpour's likely to continue into monday. some roads were flooded and caved in. some motorists were rescued after they got stuck in mud. in the florida panhandle instead of emergency declared in pensacola counting officials assess the damage after three days of torrential rains damaged roads and homes. some drivers were damaged that and trapped after trying to make their way on flooded streets. we thought the water was relatively shallow soil onto the side but it was deeper than we thought water washed up over my hood and drown the engine. county officials asked residents to stay home. rainfall estimated at 20 in.. a red flag warning as brine told us it was a revelation when you get old enough and realize
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summertime is the time when most other parts of the country get the rain is in the summer. when you grow up in california and you don't think that that is actually really is. they depend on many other parts of the country and sometimes it comes all at once. temperatures now the heat is coming all at once temperatures in the low 90s for east bay. concord in the low 90s. livermore at 90 degrees, san francisco at 80, from high atop the tallest point in solano county mount vaca. we look at case. it has been clear for much of the bay area. it will stay that way for the next 48 hours. and air pressure over the gulf of alaska at pacific northwest will stay high and dry.
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a little bit of an off shore flow nudges temperatures lower. it may warm up of a to bed tomorrow. warm and windy side for much of the bay area. the red flag warning states posted until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. tomorrow morning sunny and in the '60s still out most of the bay area. this is a time lapse for the future of the bay area there is not much. not even low clouds forming. i suggested we're going to get a cool down and we will. low clouds formed early tuesday morning. conditions in new york mostly clear and in los angeles ok as well. we look for sunshine to continue through midweek. low clouds return by tuesday and temperatures begin to fall. tomorrow will be hot.
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next weekend things warm up a little bit. mchenry we brought you in here from the olympic club to talk about sports tiger woods there today. it will be a great week and the weather was great today. will rory mcelroy come to san francisco a winner. the rematch against the rangers did not " go like the world series.
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the giants winless in the last seven games tim lincecum has started. the giants tried to right the ship against texas. he is trying not to hit bed rock bottom. he struck out two in three hitless innings he was perfect but that to leave the game because of an injury. lincecum what three in the first but settled in the second. the wheels fell off in the fourth. after choosing goals he lays down a bunt that fines no-man's land a defensive breakdown for the giants everybody safe. he tweet his groin running out the place so he is gone. here comes the in cans are he doubles down the line. the rangers' coach up 3-0. he rips one off the wall two more runs scored.
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the rangers up 5-0. the giants did not have the head until the sixth. they could not cash in. giants fall of 5-0 and lincecum drops to 2-7 on this season. and i try to get back to my confidence the i'm executing my pitches and not doubt them the left the trend to complete a diamond backs week over the a's. the a's squandered a chance at rents. brandon inge pot set to end the inning. erin hill brings onto with an rbi single. arizona leads 3-0. the a's hang around, said smith is one deep, oakland could not
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complete the rally. it brendan mosque runs out. the a's l a get the diamond backs but lose her 4-3. golf's biggest names in town practicing at the olympic club. the rest of the store in memphis for the st. jude classic. it found the water. rory mcelroy is chances would sink after he double bogeyed the final hole. he finished tied for seventh. dustin johnson took the lead. after back-to-back birdies. it is tracking. wow. johnson wins and only his second tournament after returning from a three month layoff following surgery.
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she was not enough to win the lpga championship. it is a landmark when for the 22 year-old she shoots the lowest round. the only player from mainland china on the torque. she has to go for finishing in the top-10. she wins her first tournament by two strokes her first-ever win for a golfer from mainland china. at the french open and the dollar gets a 4-3 lead in the second. he did rally to win the third set. in the fourth hammers' i wonder. shortly afterwards the skies open and it rains. they suspended the match until tomorrow morning.
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he is looking for his fourth straight grand slam. giordano at nascar nearly takes that one of his crew members. the 22 year-old tries to pass mart corp. and and the bounce in and gets the inside lane. badama becomes the youngest winner at polka now. on game day i go one on one with luke and donald the number one ranked player in the world he has never won a major he hopes the u.s. open his first. i have to go back out to the olympic club for the 630 news. i get to go back. after recent attacks in east bay community comes together to take on bullying. will also that's it for la a
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will also that's it for la a silhouette 630 you're i ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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